Fundraising ideas while spending money on gifts
There are a number of annual events on the calendar where the population spends large sums of money on gift-giving. Some charities are able to raise a great deal of funds on the back of the special days, building on success year after year. Valentine’s Day is not yet connected to one big-name charity, so we have some fundraising ideas suggested here for Valentine’s Day. They work best as peer-to-peer fundraising connected to the charity’s central cause, which should be related to love, offering something that people want on 14 February.

Gifts “in the name of”

Under someone else’s name the person buying the gift plants a tree adopts a wolf or otherwise spends money for a particular item which is given to benefit someone else worse off. Organisations can offer a range of gifts for men, who are traditionally hard to buy for, whether husband, father, brother or son. Offering several different valentines gift ideas for him will open up your fundraising to a wider customer base, whilst at the same time providing gifts for fathers, husbands and boyfriends.

Say it With Flowers

Sell flowers to schools, offices and communities in support of your cause. Different flowers can have different gift cards that explain how the money raised by the flowers will be spent. You can extend this idea by partnering with a local florist to add value to the flowers in exchange for donations or create flowers from clay, wood, metal or other materials.


Find a unique chocolate product that you can sell on Valentine’s Day to raise funds. This could be covered fruit, or maybe another confectionary item. You will find many ideas online including unusual taste combinations such as cardamom in chocolate and much more.

Spread the Love! Fundraising Ideas